I have a very large artery....

In my nose.

I was having a lot of trouble with nosebleeds (I've broken my nose 3 times, so I was kinda worried), so I went to the doctor today to have it checked out. First thing he did after shoving his stethoscope up the back of my shirt was stick a black tube up my right nostril so he could observe it, and I'm just praying to God that there wasn't a big old boogie in his way. I'm like, should I have blown first?

And Dr. Michael just says "Hmmmmm.... Hmmmm... Very interesting..."
And I'm thinking that he's probably found the new world up in there, but he just pulls out his black tube and announces that I have a very large artery in my nose. O.o He said the nosebleeds had nothing to do with breaking my nose, but this giant artery was a bit distressed, so we should just burn it shut. O_O I'm just thinking "You come near my nose with a match and I'm going to burn something of yours shut!"
He saw my hostile look an said reassuringly that it was a chemical and that it would just sting for a minute. Your eyes may water, he said, and shoved a stick covered with this chemical up my nose.

Oh. My. Lord. It did not sting. It didn't even BURN. It felt like my nose was going to EXPLODE. I'm trying my hardest not to hit this poor guy, and he's apologizing all over the place, and I've got my eyes squeezed shut so the tears wouldn't cascade down and ruin my makeup. He FINALLY removes the Stick Of Death and I thought I was going to fall over, cause it hurt so bad.

"Now, if that doesn't work, just come back and we'll consider a surgical option."
Yeah right, buddy. You'd better hope this works, cause if it doesn't, I swear...

I then had a nice interlude with the Lab needles. I'd rather have a needle suck away my blood any day, rather than face that Death Stick again.

My poor nose... after all we've been through... I hope it's gonna be okay now. Cause I can't take too much more damage to it, or else I'll end up looking like Michael Jackson.


Only in Texas

Only in Texas can you...

1. Dress up to go to Wal Mart
2. Eat roadkill for dinner
3. See a dead hog on the road and have to tell the whole neighborhood
4. Shoot guns in your backyard
5. Get chased by turkeys and live to tell the tale
6. Tell blonde jokes and have nobody get offended
7. Give the directions to your house: "Just turn by the GIANT WATERMELON. Yeh can't miss it!"
8. Know both the richest and poorest people in town
9. Travel 1 hour in any direction just to get to decent civilization
10. Insult and demonstrate a rude gesture to a Democrat and not get in trouble.


Odds and ends.

I'm listening to Breaking Benjamin right now, waiting for 6 pm to roll around so I can go home. Evil Angel is my favorite song... Oops, phone is ringing. Brb. Oh, never mind, Peter got it. Anyways. I had nothing going on so I jumped on the comp. I love how Breaking Benjamin has all these hardcore, yet sensitive songs. I loves it.

Since my mom and sister are gone, guess who all the housecleaning chores fall upon? You guessed it; yours truely. Needless to say, there's a fur coat on the floor, dishes piled in sink and on counter, and my shoes everywhere. I guess that's what's going to be my big project this weekend. My bedroom could do with a good shoveling out too... The dogs are no help. Any time the black lab (we call her "Horsey") walks through the house, there's a trail of hair behind her, not to mention the dandruff the pug leaves behind. Not cool. >.<

I miss my mommy... I hope she comes home soon... cause my dinners really don't taste good. And my dad agrees with me, I'm sure. =P Maybe tonight I'll just tell them to order takeout. I don't wanna cook and put more dishes in the sink... I think that's what I'll do tonight. Kitchen duty. Yay me.

Highlight of this month: I got a raise. *w00ts around room*
Lowlight of this month: I got a promotion. *un-w00ts around room*


50th Post

.... and I have NOTHING new to talk about since last month. Nothing's really happened...

My mom and two youngest sibs are in PA for two weeks. Which is cool. I have my bedroom to myself. Which is also cool. There's a new guy at work. Not so cool. haha jk.

I still like my short haircut. Nobody recognizes me though... it's almost sad. But I'll get over it, I'm sure.

Huh... I'm struggling for SOMETHING to speak about... I was a techie at the local ballet performance for a whole week. That was fun, but mostly because I got to hang out with the musicians the whole time. Just two guys and me in the pit for hours on end, sleeping, laughing, getting yelled at... Bliss, I tell you.

Yes... I live under a rock and I don't get out much...

My house (the destroyed one I spoke about a while back) is STILL not fixed. Nothing has been done besides measuring the windows for new ones. And, on top of that, my dad decides to throw us 4 kids out of the big, spacious bathroom (second nicest out of our three bathrooms) so he can rip it apart. In the third bathroom, where all of our stuff is now crammed into, the shower works on it's own, the toilet takes vacations, and the sink clogs (not to mention you can't hardly turn around in it without falling onto the toilet or into the shower). Shouldn't this be the bathroom to remodel? Of course not. We're going to pick the bathroom that works JUST FINE and redo that one first. *shakes head*

My dog is still lost, and I am ready to take all my posters down. He's not coming back... oh well. I hope he's comfy, wherever he is. Comfort was his favorite thing in the world, besides food. I hope he's got both.

Time to go to work. Again. Anyways, thanks for reading this, even if it did bore you to death. Go read TC's blog for more enjoyment.


I can't talk over this lip ring...

*gets smacked by Jess*

Ok, ok, I lied. There is no lip ring. Just a major hair cut...
I was bored, so I decided to get something new and fun. I really like it! I also got some highlights and all. Here is a sideish view.
I like the way it frames my face and stuff. I can flip it out, curl it in, curl it all around, scrunch it, etc. The only thing I can't do is put it in a pony tail. Yay!!!
Just a back view. The underside is darker than the top, which is cool. I was so nervous, cause my parents didn't know I was getting it cut. My dad had to sit down when I showed him. xD I think my mom likes it, though. My sister about had a heart attack. ha!

Anyways, I just thought it was time for a change; an outward appearance of the new me. Oh yeah.

I guess the lip ring will just have to wait another year or so before I move out of the house... *sighs wistfully*


"I told the Witch Doctor I was in love with you. I told the Witch Doctor you didn't love me too. And then the Witch Doctor he told me what to do."

"He said now, Ooh to the ee to the ooh ah ah to the ting to the tang to the walla walla bing bang."

You can't beat Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Yes. On a recent whim and sudden reckless desire (I was under the influence of both no sleep and two bottles of chocolate milk) I bought the soundtrack to the Chipmunks movie.

And lemme tell ya... I'll never regret it. If you haven't seen the movie, you should. It's not just a kiddo's movie. The Chipmunks, aside from being brilliantly digitally created, are truly the life of the movie, especially in the songs. Forget the pathetic humans. For me, it worth it just to hear a squeaky voice and know that's Jessy McCartney. xD No, the Chipmunks really rock this one. (they beatbox and rap too!!!!! =D)

And uh, I guess it has a good story too... about family, and sticking together... all that junk.. *cough*

Yeah. So I thought I'd just tell you all about that.
So like... I'm doing something very dramatic to my appearance today... Like, never done before. This is probably a life changing decision I'm making. Yes. Serious moment.... (pictures soon)
The dress code I complained about... it's not that bad, when you really think about it. I bought three polo shirts, and I have two pairs of dressy pants. I'm just fine. *sigh* At least I can keep the black toenail polish on since I can't wear flipflops. Which is cool. I wonder what they'll think about my lip ring... I mean, oops!

hahahahahahahaha. Made ya look.


Dress codes, Blisters, Dying phones, oh my!

My boss is really cracking down hard on the dress code at work. >.< I don't even own half the stuff I'm supposed to wear, and own everything I'm NOT supposed to wear.

Good stuff (what I have marked by an x):
Black pants (x)
Khaki pants (x)
Capri pants (half an x)
Polo shirts
Button up shirts (I own one that is too small)
Loose, comfortable dresses of suitable length (the one I bought just a short while doesn't fit this category anymore. It is a halter and exposes too much back. >.<)
Denim skirts(long, of course)
Long church skirts
Anything that is "casual business attire"

What Not To Wear:
T-shirts with basically anything on it,
Tank tops
Any top with thin straps
Halter tops
Anything with a low neckline
Jeans (except on Fridays)

I thought I was going to die. *sigh* I have never bought dressy clothes like, ever. Jeans and t-shirts, all day, every day. And wear an ancient skirt on Sundays. Oh well. I guess a shopping trip is in my very near future. Gah.


My dance recital is Saturday night, and I have two blisters that will not go away. Do you know how hard it is to find good blister products these days, and especially to find a box that hasn't been broken into already? *sighs again* I can hardly walk in the mornings. My feet feel like they're going to fall off. I've been wearing pointe shoes every day this week and all of last week too. I'm thinking about getting a foot massage after the show. I need like, my friend Randall down here, cause he's weird in the way that he doesn't mind gross ballerina feet. I'm going to con one out of him the next time I see him.


My phone's almost dead. Like, not the battery. The phone. I'm so happy!!! I can't wait to update my plan and get off my parent's plan. I want a red Shine. Oh yesss. It shall be heaven on earth. w00t.

Good gravy, it's time for work again. Today, I think I am going to wear... Khaki pants, and.... uh... some sort of top... idk... this is going to be interesting.